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Questions about SimpleStake

What kind of products or parts can be processed?

Most of thermoplastics can be staked with SimpleStake Technology. For more information on what kind of products or parts can be processed, kindly make an enquiry with one of our experts for more details of the boss and rib shape to be staked.

Can the heat tip be changed?

Yes. Kindly refer to the heat tip sizes available in our answer to Question 3 below.

What sizes are available for the standard heat tip?

SimpleStake offers a wide range of standard tip sizes but can also customize tips to meet a vast range of applications. Please contact us with your project and we will help size the proper tip or design and test a new one based on your requirements.

Can parameters be set easily?

The SimpleStake method makes it very easy to set up weld parameters. All can be adjusted from the HMI with independent tip control no matter how many tips are in a single system.

How close can bosses be spaced?

Bosses can be as close as 0.125 inches and sometimes closer. We have the ability to make custom tooling to allow for ultra tight boss spacing should you require. For further information, kindly get in touch with one of our SimpleStake experts.

Can metalized parts be staked?

Yes, certain thicknesses of metalization can be staked which eliminates the need for masking. Kindly get in touch with one of our experts to arrange for samples to be sent for proving and we will revert according to your requirements.

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