Impulse Staking can be applied in various industries due to the nature of the process. From automotive lighting to consumer appliances, the need to bond parts together can be achieved efficiently and effectively through using SimpleStake technology.


Consumer and automotive lighting can benefit significantly from SimpleStake. A common example is the LED board attachment where the boss spacing is too close for other methods of staking to work effectively. In addition to the LED board attachment, many internal lighting features can be assembled using the technology to enhance precision and to provide a cleaner outcome.


Ideal for medical applications, SimpleStake can provide clean and robust welds for medical devices and consumable products. From stints and pacemakers to specially designed systems used for imaging, our technology can help medical system concepts be deployed.


With a rapid increase in electronic implementation throughout the automotive and transportation industry, staking has been seen to replace traditional forms of automotive assemblies. The movement from conventional screws and non-electronic interfaces to an electronic solution has resulted in a reduction of consumables and the overall product weight.

Many interior components such as sensors, switches, brake shoes, lighting components, dashboard electronics, and more can be assembled with SimpleStake. The Impulse Staking process is ideal for automotive parts with A-Side marking concerns.


SimpleStake is the perfect solution for electronics and PC board assembly. With no risk of damage to sensitive electronic parts, which is commonly seen in other methods such as ultrasonics, electronic products and devices can be built accurately and reliably with Impulse Staking technology.


Our method reduces and eliminates the need for screws or plastic parts to be attached to circuit boards thus enhancing the simplicity of the design and reducing the overall product weight. A minimalist approach is critical to the advancement of electronics and SimpleStake helps achieve this successfully.

Learn more about the comparisons between SimpleStake’s Impulse Staking technology and other methods of staking by referring to our Comparison Table.


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