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The SimpleStake Story​

The majority of staking methods involve processes that are simply out-of-date where inefficiency is evident in aspects such as stringing, a lack of precision, high maintenance, complicated setups, and inconsistent temperature regulations to name a few.


As we identified the absence of an effective process in the staking industry, we grouped the whole company together and drew out a strategic goal of having a new technology to solve the issues common with other techniques.


Our working concept of SimpleStake Technology took several years to achieve. Our first sale on a simple machine happened a few months later, and ever since then, we haven’t looked back.


Through continual development, improvement, and innovation of our patent-pending technology, we have been able to take on more challenging applications which result in successful outcomes. Lucky for us, we have had the opportunity to work with companies that believed in our strategy and our technology.


Fast forward several years from our very first system, SimpleStake now has dozens of machines in the field with hundreds of tips across those machines. Continual innovation is one of our core beliefs with a single individual in-house focused at research and development of our product.


With consistent exciting breakthroughs in technological discoveries, the SimpleStake technology only keeps getting better and better. Looking back at the entire product’s life, we often marvel over our achievements in such a short space in time. 

It has been a wild and exciting ride which has worked tremendously for us thanks to our fantastic team.


SimpleStake is a subsidiary of ToolTex.


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